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sick pig update

Last month I talked about billy dee being sick, and then I didn't post an update because nothing conclusive ever really came out of that. I think (but I'm not certain) that the cortisone changed him from sounding like death to just sounding really sick. But honestly it's hard to tell.

I'd posted for advice aon guinea lynx and people there said he's got a heart condition, and we should try him on ACE inhibitors. They said it's a common missed thing and they even have a big write-up that you can take in to a vet:

The problem is that I really bad trying to self-diagnose an animal online when he's already seen a medical professional. I could call our vet again, and hope he's got another option up his sleeve. I could try another vet... one that's on the guinea lynx site. But I'd want our old vet to send the x-rays over.

I guess I was hoping our vet and the internet would just magically agree without consulting one another, or our vet would do something amazing to make Billy healthier. Since Billy has scar tissue on his lungs, I'm not even convinced he has a heart issue. I just know he's not really better right now.

Also I'm a bad pig owner, because you're supposed to always be weighing your pigs to monitor their health and we haven't done that. Billy feels skinny. I see him eating all the time but when I pick him up I feel things... hips, shoulder bones, spine. When I pick up jabba I feel A LOT OF FAT, when I pick up pinky or the brain I feel a reasonable amount of rodent substance. So those three seem healthy and normal. I'm not sure how to fatten up a guinea pig, their diet consists of hay and veggies, it's not like you can switch them to big macs.


oh, sorry I can't post about guinea pigs without a pigture. Here's Billy, pausing between two fluffy butts to ask, "What's wrong with me?"
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