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star trek party planning

The new Star Trek DVD came out this week. I got home from work and there it was... Marc doesn't need much convincing to hit a Best Buy on days like that. We ordered pizza and watched it and good news: it's STILL AN AWESOME MOVIE. Seriously, I know I saw it twice times in the theater but it's still just so fabulous, Leonard Nimoy is so adorable and new spock is so sexy and Harold from Harold & Kumar is such a hero.

In December, after everyone's Thanksgiving plans have settled but (hopefully) before the holiday party craziness starts up, we're having a Star Trek party. We'll have a couple movies including the new one, I already made a facebook invite telling my friends to come enjoy hamborgers & romulan ale. We'll have to get inventive on the ale... a search for a recipe came up with a mixed drink that's alcohol + everclear. You know it's a nice idea and I do like the authenticity but my intent is not to kill anyone. Yes it's supposed to be intense stuff but egads people.

I would like more ideas if any of you nerds have them. Ways to make the party extra-spacey, stupid theme foods, the works... we're going all out. People are even dressing up. Okay, I am. But I'm sure other people might consider it, if it's AWESOME. In exchange for your ideas, I shall now publish my instructions for:

Insignia Cookies
You will need: Sugar cookie dough, frosting, sprinkles (opt), a star-shaped cookie cutter.
  1. Cut out star-shaped cookies.
  2. Cut two non-adjacent arms off each one.
  3. Roll the severed arms up to make more cookies.
  4. When all possible cookies have been made, bake, cool, and frost.
  5. Oh, and add sprinkles if you're into that and they're cool.
I have considered telling the guinea pigs to act like tribbles but that would involve rapid-breeding and they're all male, so it's just not gonna happen. They are fuzzy though. And probably hate klingons.

Finally, if you're a local friend of mine from Twitter and we've met in real life but you're not on my facebook for whatever reason, DM me for the invite.
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