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Wicked, and other musicals

This week I got to see Wicked for the first time ever, a touring company came through Wichita and it ran here for several weekends. Marc and I splurged for tickets as sort of an anniversary present to ourselves, if I can remember. Anyway it was absolutely amazing. I left feeling like I was in some kind of enchanted musical world. The characters were so easy to relate to, the costumes were amazing, the songs were only-halfway familiar so I felt like I knew a few but also got swept away in new things.

Which leads me to want to make this list of Musicals I've Seen On Stage... not sure I can remember every single one, but I'm going to try. At least I know I can remember my favorites.

Musicals my high school put on - I did stage crew for several years of musicals. I auditioned once, didn't make the cut, and that year taught me that stage crew is where you really get the good seats. Plus if you're part of the chorus you get treated like a herded sheep. But I got to lurk around on catwalks and sit right ON the stage out of view, wearing all black and admiring others. Perfect. We did Damn Yankees, Guys and Dolls, and my all-time favorite Crazy for You. Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try. Also I should mention Evita, which was put on by an area high school before Madonna made it cool. I'm not sure Evita makes a great high school musical but they get bravery points.

Musicals I saw at Theater in the Park - Shawnee Mission Park has this great outdoor stage that my family used to get season tickets to. We'd sit out on blankets and bring cokes and enjoy the weather. I saw Footloose, Once Upon a Mattress, Brigadoon, Annie Get Your Gun. And did I see 1776 there? Or Fiddler on the Roof?

Musicals I've see at Century II in Wichita - Well there was Miss Saigon, the most depressing show ever. But there was also my favorite musical experience, when I saw Rent with a livejournal friend who's lj name I can't remember, but her name was Sydney and she camped out for cheap front-row tickets for us. It was the best way to see Rent. Other faves: Les Misérables, The Producers.

Other scattered ones: My parents took the whole family to see Phantom of the Opera when it came through KC my junior year. It was completely unforgettable and amazing. They also took us to see CATS which totally mesmerized me, even if it is kinda weird.

I've seen some dinner theater productions too, which are never AMAZING but you can say you got to see the show (and enjoy a buffet). On that list: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Chicago.

Looking over the list I mostly think of musicals I love but haven't seen. Like, if I'm not sure if I've seen 1776 on stage, that right there is a problem, I need to see it again. And where's The King & I, is that really missing? I've also always wanted to see Pippin even though I know nothing about it. Just gotta pay attention, keep the dreams alive here. That's what being a fan is all about.
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