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halloween party timing

Last night we had our big halloween party and it was a blast, there were tons of people who came and we went through lots of food and drink. Even broke out the Apples to Apples near the end. We've found that a game is perfect when the party is sort of starting to fizzle, but you can tell some folks aren't quite ready to leave yet, the last few will stay up and play games and chat and that's when it's really good.

I wondered a LOT this year about whether to have the party on Friday or Saturday night. We chose Friday. It was controversial, because there were conflicting parties on both nights. Last year we had the party on Halloween, and there were three other parties in the apartment complex, and everyone rotated around which was really cool! If you felt like munching and doing jello shots, you'd be at our place. If you felt like a dark gothic atmosphere with great decorations and DJs, you'd be down the hall. Huge kegger, upstairs. This year, by not doing it on halloween, we didn't get the rotation crowd and I sort of regret that.

But to explain my reasoning, I will analyze the groups of friends we were trying to accommodate:

GroupWhy they're coolWhy they're notConflicts
Long-time coworkers Couples and kids I've hung out with forever, including former roommate. They're loyal, supportive, and we know each other almost too well. Too much baby-having in recent years has destroyed party potential. These people get tired at 10:30, or just flake out and don't come at all. Last year two couples punked out because they were afraid to be downtown on such a busy night. I'm serious. Friday party
Girl's night coworkers Couples and some singles who I've gotten to know recently through a girl's night out some of us have every month or so, really cool to hang out with, the couples mostly have older kids and like getting out. Kind of an early crowd, but not bad Saturday party
Tweeps The tight-knit group of wichita Twitter addicts. I've been to several events and parties and everyone is really social and excited to meet new people. Definitely an upward trending, getting cooler group of potential friends who made my birthday party last May a blast. Don't know that many of them all that well. Saturday party
Marc's DJ friends Music-loving hippies who appreciate a good time until the break of dawn. Unpredictable attendance to anything. There are always a million other parties you're conflicting with trying to draw them in. Continuous
Neighbors They're around, and will always at least stop in to say hi. Small crowd Not really

So that was my conundrum this year... have the party Saturday and conflict with two others, or have it Friday and lose the rotation fun? Well we chose Friday, but shouldn't have! The tweeps did not turn out in the numbers I'd hoped for, my favorites certainly stopped by but others had conflicts or were just not close enough. The girl's night friends completely failed me, I have no idea where they were.

What did happen: Marc's DJ friends showed up late in full force and were awesome, so many random people I didn't know but it was a good time. In fact I saw a lot of those folks again tonight at the party down the hall! The numbers would have been greater if we'd had ours tonight. Plus we would have had our early crowd of loyal coworkers, who acted really disappointed that we had our party on a conflicting night. But I honestly couldn't tell if they had fun last year in all the chaos, so I'm not sure if they're being honest or not.

Throwing parties is a blast and I really think I get better every time at figuring out how to get things together. I'm not necessarily more organized when I have them, but this year I had plenty of food and drink and the place looked good. Marc is great at re-arranging the furniture for conversation, and as we keep branching out and making more groups of friends the parties just get better. But halloween is extra special. It's my New Years' Eve. I really don't want to screw it up... every other party I throw is just practice. So I feel justified in indulging in a little over-analysis.

I think my lesson is to not count on ANYONE, have the thing on the night we truly prefer and move on. We have enough friends that someone will show up. Just need the confidence to own it.
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