Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Vatterott commercial: an epilogue

Okay so you might remember an entry I wrote a few weeks back about a radio commercial, where a woman calls Vatterott college and talks about how excited her husband is about technical education:

Well the other morning I heard the commercial on the radio again.

They changed it!

No joke... before I wrote that entry I must have heard it half a dozen times. I was sure what was said. Now the phone conversation is similar, same two voices, same topics. But the woman is talking about how "we're so excited about your HVAC seminar" and the college employee tells her "you BOTH should come in and learn more about our programs". No husband-exclusive language, nothing to imply that one gender or the other is more likely to be interested in technology. It's nice now.

This means I'm not a crazy out-there feminist after all, somebody else noticed. And what's more, somebody else listened and understood and made the move to change the dialog!

I'm very proud. I kinda wish I knew more about the story... who got it changed, who needed convincing, lessons learned along the way. I've brought up little concerns here and there where I work before, but I've never changed anything. I usually get the "thanks for your opinion" smile-nod-dance. I want to know how somebody got the attention of those in power, so much that they found budget to re-record a commercial that was already running. Wow, right?
Tags: feminism
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