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Here's a question I should have pondered more than 12 hours in advance... Do I get an airport shuttle to take me from LAX to Long Beach, CA, or just get in the cab line?

I hate shuttles. Especially Super Shuttle. I've found the drivers to be impossibly rude, and you spend so much time as they drive all over the city dropping off as many people will fit in a big van. A shuttle will run me $40 or so.

A taxi will run $70 but I'm thinking if I play my cards right I can find someone random at the airport to split it with. There's a HUGE conference in long beach this week and people have got to be coming out in droves. It's not as certain, but possible.

And finally there's a third very gutsy option... take the metro. I do get a kick out of figuring out public transportation, google says it'll take me for-ev-er but I've got time. Time spent learning something new is worth it, time spent wandering God's creation in an airport shuttle is not.

I think I may just gamble with it.

Also, I like how when I google "LAX to long beach, ca" I get a search box for plane prices. No, I don't think I need to fly the 20 miles.
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