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is it too early for a halloween post?

It's not even October yet, I know I shouldn't be thinking about halloween, but this week the weather got cold and weird. Let's face it, there's only one way for me to emotionally deal with the loss of summer, and that's with halloween. This week's random "high of 70" days was upsetting. I appreciate that my non-summer husband isn't so whiny about the weather, and it was kind of nice to take a flying lesson and not feel the sweat dripping down my back. But the pools are closed, the sweatshirt came out, I wore layers to work... so let's move on to the next thing shall we?

I went to the halloween store with my neighbors. Just last week @wichitacindy was talking about the perils of halloween stores... everybody comes in this time of year, browses, tries things on, but doesn't buy. And they'll be back in a month freaking out because there's no selection left. Well last night I did the same thing. Part of it was that I'd feel weird buying new halloween stuff when we don't even have our stash out yet.

And then there's the costume issue. Deep inside I adore some of the store-bought costumes I see, I feel like it's really stepping up for the occasion. I know I should be a good feminist and shake my head at the skank factor but I love being the hotness on halloween. I am disturbed that the costume skank factor clearly begins with the child costumes but that's another post.

The issue is that I feel obligated to show some creativity on halloween! Growing up we never had store-bought costumes, we always just made our own with whatever was around the house. Aluminum foil? I'm the tinman from wizard of oz. Dozens of socks? I safety-pinned them to myself, spun around and told everybody I was a car wash.

And of course there's my favorite halloween memory ever... the year I got cardboard boxes and talked my little sister into joining me to form a pair of dice. We painted and drew dots and were adorable, arms sticking out of the sides. Then a tragic stumble on a slanted driveway ended the fun. She tripped and landed front-first. The front of the box was, well, a box: flat, cardboard, and presented very little friction. With her arms sticking out of the sides she couldn't put her hands down to stop herself and slid all the way to the sidewalk, candy flying, screaming, everyone staring gap-jawed and getting out of the way because who knew what else she could take out?

I somehow doubt that's her favorite memory but when you're a kid and your little sister does something embarrassing and potentially dangerous the moment is zen. The universe stands still for you and everything is absolutely perfect.

So here I am, years later, still feeling like I have to work some magic into my costume. And I LOVE sewing, I love halloween fabrics, I love making short black spooky skirts and working layers of lightweight bat-printed of cloth wherever they'll fit. Buying a costume is fun too, but goes against the way I was raised! Maybe I'll buy one and make one?
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