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guinea pigs in riverside park

Yesterday was a gorgeous cool fall evening so we took the guinea pigs out to the park. Since guinea pigs have evolved through the centuries to handle temperatures between 65° and 80° F, I figure there will be four good days in Kansas when we can do this. Although from what I've read, 65° is a flexible guideline, they can handle colder for a little bit. But hotter doesn't work. They get scared, huddle up together, and overheat. They're not really made for survival.

Anyway it was a grass-eating love fest for the ages, they were in rapid eat mode for something like 30 minutes. This morning they seem fine so I guess that's okay. There were some clovers in the grass too that became victims of the attack.

Besides eating grass, the piggies spent their time in the park being petrified of everything. In fact here's a list of things piggies hate about being at the park. You'll notice it outnumbers the things they like (eating):
  • The car ride out there
  • Cars driving by
  • Dogs barking
  • Crows squawking
  • Car alarms
  • People
  • Squirrels
  • Things falling from trees

Oddly enough though, nobody minded the troupe of BAGPIPE PLAYERS that set up to rehearse 30 meters away. We thought they'd hate that, and they'd been out for a while so we were just packing up when they music started, but they were just sort of chilling out. Next time I'll know! I actually really liked listening to the rehearsal for the few minutes we were there, it was neat.

We set up a big pen for them to run around in but they weren't too interested in running. They mostly stayed huddled together. When we put a little shoebox in there they all tried to hide in it, which doesn't work because they're four fat little rodents, so we put a towel over one end of the pen and this made them relax a little. But no matter how scary life got, they never stopped eating.

Anyway, here's a pigture:
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