Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

good morning mr. pig

each morning my alarm goes off, I wake up, get out of bed, go to the bathroom, then walk downstairs to make some coffee, and by then the guinea pigs are in full-on pig mode. there's only one reason a human needs to be around and that's for food. So since we've got the pen at the bottom of the stairs, I get these four little noses staring up at me sniffing and squeaking and making darn sure I know what priority #1 is. It's not coffee.

I'm used to hearing them rummage around at night now. They sleep, but they're kind of hour-on-hour-off all night so at certain times you definitely hear them bouncing around making cute little piggy noises. But that first morning encounter is something that always amazes me... like, "I'm tired. you're not tired? you're ready for fresh hay, what? but I haven't even had breakfast yet... oh okay settle down please don't get this loud this early I can't TAKE IT..."

I will post this picture of billy dee. Don't trust him. He may look cute and innocent here but he's only concerned about his own personal needs, and will eat your soul if necessary.
Tags: guinea pigs
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