Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

You know what I really hate? Vague facebook updates.

You heard me... end the vague teasy crap. Here's how it works:

You post something that hints at a major life situation, but tell us nothing. Examples:
  • "it's over"
  • "i ruined everything"
  • "she's leaving"
Bonus points if you haven't updated your status in days, and your last one was about, like, going out for meatloaf or reading the paper, so we have no idea what you're even up to that you could be having issues for.

Anyway, then your friends respond accordingly for the comments you fished for:
  • "ohmigod huh?"
  • "no it'll all be okay you're awesome!"
  • "whatever happened HUGS!"
  • "OMIGOD P0N1ES!"
but deep down inside, we're thinking about how annoying you are. Yes we are, drama royalty... give some info or dwell inside your head like the crazy you were born to be. I'm not giving any more support without hearing what the fsck is going on.

(Think I should post this on facebook? Yeah I should!)
Tags: social media
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