Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

no first day of school

I am a little sad that there's no first day of school for me this year. Everyone is getting books, buying clothes, laying out the course schedules... I am done. Gaining only the education that life can give me, and the flying lessons which depend on my schedule. Flying lessons had no first day of school or exciting class full of people to meet, no outline with due dates. Just me, and airplane, and some guy. I couldn't even blog about the anticipation of it, if you remember, my first entry about flying was that I FLEW because there were no guarantees ever that it would actually happen or the weather would hold.

There's a classroom groundschool study starting up at my flight school. I'm doing groundschool on CDs, watching videos on my computer, but maybe it'd be fun for me to sit in a class with people. It's only one night a week every other week. Maybe I'll sit in at least.

Egads, remember how much I hated grad school? But every year around this time I was ready to go back. Spring semester is a total pain in the ass that I never liked... it's cold and windy and drags. But this fall one is hot for a good month, you take off from work, drive to campus, park and take a nice long walk to the engineering building. Maybe get a coffee at the student union. Find your way to class and pick a seat near the front. Double-check to make sure the book is labeled with a name. See if there's anybody you recognize from last year.

At college you all know why you're here and what you're supposed to do. Everyone is there by choice. We're competing, but we're all there together. Nobody will get laid off from it, it's your job to absorb and they can't stop you. All around are the idealistic youth without homes or families to worry about. We just worry about ourselves. Education is an indulgence in so many ways. How could I not miss it? How could I not be addicted?
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