Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

all together now

You know what I realized today? That even with all my bitching, whining, bleeding, crying and agonizing over this project, I am really happy right now. I mean, from the second I wake up until the moment I can't hold my eyes open anymore and have to go to bed, my mind is totally engaged and challenged... there aren't many times in ones life like that. It feels good. I feel more neurons connecting. This semester I've traveled more than any before, and I've worked harder, too. Work hard, play hard, get to the finish line a winner. (unless the finish line is on Monday, in which case I won't make it, I'll be carried off the field in a bloody mess mumbling to myself about bypass capacitors. oh crap!)

Other news: I totally suck at soldering. I'm gonna make my lab partner do it. She's the basketball player with the steady hands, damnit, why am I even trying this? I don't hate her this week, by the way.

Another thing I've got going this week: It's a low-sleep week for some reason. I have times when I go to bed at 10 and can't drag myself up by 10 the next morning, but this isn't one of those, I've been up at 7:30 the last two days even after not going to sleep before 1. Or 2. Tonight I'll probably try 3... what've I got to lose?
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