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saturday at the salt museum

yesterday... busy busy busy! First I woke up to go take my big flight exam, which was canceled. The guy had left me a voice mail but I never check voice mail so you see how that goes. Came back home, went to bed, slept another two hours.

Then we drove out to Hutchinson to visit the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. It was awesome! I brought a hat and sweatshirt because you're 650 feet underground and it's not warm and summery. They give you a hardhat and an emergency oxygen thing just in case something crazy happens, then you squish into a tiny elevator with 15 people and travel down in the dark. There's a tram tour, where you drive around and learn about salt mining, and then you walk around and look at exhibits from hollywood studios who store costumes and things down there for safekeeping. The company where I work actually stores stuff down there too... if you want design specs on an airplane we built in the 50s, you routinely have to "order it from the salt mines" so I knew all this existed. I'd just never seen it.

Miners used to have trains and trucks and things down there, and everything big like that would be brought down in small parts and reassembled. So once it was down, it was staying down. That means we get to see all sorts of equipment from the past 100 years of mining. The tour does not cover the active mine sections, but there are still two companies mining salt in other areas. It's used for industrial applications, and road salt in the winter.

Anyway I give the salt mines thumbs-up because it's local, educational, and nifty. And not cheesy or touristy, which is how I felt about Fantastic Caverns in Missouri, hate to say it. For learning about basic geology I'd recommend the mine. Also, I got a chunk of salt that's very pretty.

After that we came home and chilled out for a bit. All four guinea pigs needed pedicures so got that assembly line started, then in the evening we went to a party at the derby aquatic center that my office was having. It was late and cooling off quite a bit so we didn't stay too long. I came home and passed out, I think marc went out but not for long.

Today we told ourselves we'd go to church, then drive around town to look at open houses (our lease is up soon, we've been thinking hard about the house thing, although... sigh... I love this apartment). Then I've got the flight test tonight.
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