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flying update

Our hero is at 29 hours. Still haven't flown solo. But you know, it's really bothering me less and less... mainly because I actually do feel close to it. We're just doing some tidy-up review lessons, redoing some maneuvers that I neglected for a few weeks to run pattern work, then I have some tests, then we have to wait for PERFECT weather, you get the picture. So I guess I am on the 40 hour plan that I never wanted to be on... oh well, beats the 50 hour plan, yes?

So many things are FINALLY clicking into place. I'm a machine on the radios. Tower, no tower, doesn't matter, I get just about everything, I can say what I want to say. It's occurred to me that air traffic control is actually my preferred method of communication. You know how I've written before that I hate when people at work IM me with, "hey" and then wait for me to respond and then ask me their question? Well aircraft radios don't play that either! You'd never call tower and say, "hey." You tell them where you are, what you want, and then get the fsck off the frequency and wait your damn turn for someone to entertain your request. If only life were so easy!

I can land. Okay it still needs work, but I think it might always still need work, every pilot wants to do better landings. But the point is I can get us down, and most of the time we're pointed the right direction, and I don't flinch, and I'm not freaking out, and I can tell at any given time how we're doing. I can call out all the steps of a traffic pattern in my sleep. And so many other things are in my head, too... call me at 3 am, I'll tell you what to do if the engine fails.

So I can't get sucked into over-analyzing how many hours it's taken me to get this far, plenty of people take a long-ass time to get somewhere. And since solo isn't the finish line anyway, just a point along the way, it definitely doesn't mean anything real. Do I want to come smiling into work telling everyone I flew an airplane by myself? sure. but it's scary too. okay, petrifying. so I keep telling the competitive, number-conscious side of me to CHILL. we're all gonna get there.



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Jul. 24th, 2009 05:14 am (UTC)
You are *totally* right about the landings. I *always* want them to be better than they are (although apparently my psgrs have no complaints, but still).

Conrats on radio work -- that's something most people *never* get good at.
Jul. 25th, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
I have 2000 hour F/Os who still SUCK on the radios (I'm sorry if that sounds mean, but it's true) so kudos to you for getting that down so quickly! And thanks to this post now I want to call up Centre and just say "Hey!" to see what they say. :)
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