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new members of the herd

My first week off, I was chillin' out reading my twitter pages and noticed someone in Wichita searching for a home for some guinea pigs. I sent the pictures to Marc, who I thought would surely say "no bad idea we already have two" but he called me instead and said, "I'm looking at a picture of two ADORABLE piggies!!!" and it was all downhill from there. Short story: we now have four guinea pigs, which officially makes us herders. They're all male... the family was looking for a home for a female also but we said no way. The last thing I need is to risk auto-multiplying guinea pigs when, just living our normal lives, we go from zero to four in a matter of months.

Introducing males has been exciting. The new piggies came with their own cage, which spent a week in another room. Then we moved the cages together, and started letting them have floor time all in a group so they could "get to know" each other... this involves a lot of butt sniffing and face humping. You know, guy stuff. But these days they're getting along nicely. Yesterday's floor time was basically uneventful... playful chasing mixed with lounging and sharing food. I'm happy. So we'll be keeping these guys for sure. Next week they'll be moved into the big cage with Pinky and The Brain.

They came to us as Whiskers and Cuddles but I'm afraid we have to rename them. Nothing against the names, it's just that I had a parakeet named Cupcake once who came to a very unfortunate end at the hands of another parakeet, so I'm for tough names. One of the piggies, the lighter brown one, is a BIG PIGGY. You can't see it in photos but when you pick him up, you're like, "damn." So we're naming him Jabba the Hut. The lighter brown one we're calling Billy Dee, after Billy Dee Williams who played Lando Calrissian in star wars. Yes, the original owners are probably head-shaking right now, they'll always be whiskers and cuddles to them, and that's okay.

Anyway, mom and dad haven't seen pictures of the new grandpigs yet so I've got pictures!

From the left we have Billy Dee's butt, then Jabba, Brain, and Pinky:

Jabba in his favorite spot. He's getting pedicures every other week these days, he had some pretty long nails when he showed up:

Here's Billy Dee - he has a funny spot on his nose.

Jabba. He has different coloring on either side... with photoshop I could probably convince you all I have five pigs.

Here's Billy and Pinky with some harmless sniffing.

Pinky, Jabba and Billy:

All photos:
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