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home for a ridiculous puppy (w/pics)

I have lots to update from last weekend, so let's start with Friday. Marc and I were trekking up to Kansas City to join our friends for a camping trip. A few days before we left, a good friend of mine on facebook who works with a small dog rescue in KC asked if we could take an extra passenger. To put it simply, a dog in Wichita was homeless, living with a foster family, and a human in Kansas City wanted a dog, and they were a match. The rescue and been trying to find a way to get the dog up to KC for several weeks and apparently we were just the ride they needed.

I like dogs, and given the fact that we've adopted FOUR guinea pigs this year obviously we support adoption, and so we said no problem.

And so, enter Mikki: a fluffy chihuahua with very little practical use. Mikki will not be catching Frisbees in mid-air, rescuing you from the mountains, or scaring away criminals any time soon. But the owner in KC loved chihuahuas and if she wants something that will look silly at her, she's found her match. There's something for everybody. This is NOT the type of dog Marc and I will call our own, but we enjoyed the three hours with the little guy.

Here's the "I heard someone would adopt me" shot:

This is just ridiculous:

And in case you're wondering why we'll be looking for another breed... here's my big man, with itty bitty dog:

I would like to thank LL Dog Rescue in Kansas City for giving me something cute to blog about. I was surprised to learn that all these small dogs need homes... I thought they were very much in demand. But my friend who volunteers says that the demand is exactly what does it. Breeders think they should crank out chihuahuas, pugs, and king charles spaniels like it's nobody's business. Lots of people want them, because they're cute. But the reality is that not everyone can take care of an animal once they buy it, and some don't even get bought at all.

So adopt adopt adopt, and definitely have your pets spayed and neutered. Mikki found a home thanks to coordination, volunteers, and a happy future human in Kansas City who was willing to adopt. Every dog deserves this kind of story.
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