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getting lost at my home airport

On Thursday's flight we landed on a runway that I hadn't used much... the one further away from general aviation parking at the Wichita airport, 19R. No huge deal, it was just the one we were cleared to land at. Unfortunately when we taxied off I had no freaking clue how to get back home. You get ground clearance when you taxi off... I had clearance for taxiways charlie, bravo and alpha and was on charlie but who's to say what combination of those would be the right ones to take, and where. Anyway I somehow got to bravo but stopped, admitting I had no idea where to turn. I froze.

instructor s Okay now what's something we can do if we're not sure what way to go?

I fumbled around on the displays to bring up a chart of the airport, which looked like this:

inst What's something else we could do?

I zoomed in further on the display.

inst Besides using the map... what could we do?

I stared at him. Then suddenly over my headset I hear ground control, "seven tango kilo you're going to need to turn left on bravo, then left on alpha to your hangar." Hey, magic! I turned left and went along our way.

And of course I looked at instructor s and said, "See, I got it! You just stop and look lost until ground control notices and feels sorry for you."

Apparently you can also request a "progressive taxi" which means they give you more detailed instructions about how to get around, but I'd never heard of this in my life. or maybe I did, it was just lost in the craziness of everything. Sigh. a little education at every step.
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