Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

new guinea pig cage

This weekend we finally pulled all the pieces of the guinea pig dwelling together. We stopped using just the petstore cage a while ago... just a word of advice, if you ever get guinea pigs, don't buy a cage from the petstore. They're both expensive and useless. All you need is some grid shelving, plastic, and old towels (or, if you're fancy like us, fleece). It's $20 worth of stuff and your piggies will have lots of room to run around and be happy and adorable. Here's our setup:

We use the bottom of our old petstore cage for food and bedding, because they'll tend to use it like a litter box which makes cleanup nice. We shake the hair and poop out of the fleece every few days, and change the bedding once a week or so, it's easy.

And just for fun, because I haven't posted pigtures here in a while, here's some adorableness for you:

Here they are eating. Brain has very long hair in the butt region... we think it's crazy, it's like a piggy mullet, all party in the back:

Here they are attacking some lettuce:

Here's Brain eating and looking cute because that's what he does:


The complete spacefem guinea pig photoset is here...
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