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freaking facebook, still

I've ranted before about facebook, because it's sort of a depository of uninteresting people, right? I still think that. On lj here, you have to have something to say otherwise no one wants to be your friend. On twitter, you have to have cool connections and nifty links. On facebook, you need to be able to say you attended high school. Lofty.

I've done a pretty good job sticking with my policy... if I don't have personal real-life outside-of-work interactions with someone during a given 12-month cycle, I won't accept his/her friend request. People I haven't talked to since high school do not make the cut. Friends of friends of friends do not make the cut. And I feel good about this, because every time I've made an exception it's totally backfired, I end up with someone on the list who bores me out of their mind or rapid-fires status updates all day so I can't read anything. And yes I know I can mute people and group people now, but why? When unfriending is so much easier?

Oh, I also made a vow that I will NEVER be one of those people who trades out the profile picture of me on facebook for a picture of a baby. Any baby. I don't care if (down the road) it's my baby that I gave birth to on a highway, saved from a burning building, coached to be the smartest baby in the universe and proved to be the most attractive baby ever. I might sound like a crazy parent hater but it's annoying when a high school friend requests to link up, and I can't tell who the hell they are because there's an infant where they should have a profile pic. And when people I'm already friends with do it, it makes me think of The Wives... you remember, the wives of coworkers I used to rant about because they stopped using the pronoun "I" when they got married? "How are you?" "Oh, we've been okay, but Brad had the flu so the kids had to go to grandma's..." I think self is important, even if you're a spouse/parent. Hell, especially if you're a spouse/parent.

I know it's not JUST me feeling this way, there's an entire blog at dedicated to making fun of parents who go crazy with their facebook status updates and annoy everybody. Posting 50 pictures of one sonogram, talking about your kid's poop, complaining that there's a bird chirping while your baby is trying to sleep, that sort of thing.

I think if anything has made facebook tolerable for me lately, it's Twitter. I used Twitter to meet cool people in the community who aren't boring, we party together and tweetup because that's what we do, then we're facebook friends, then my friend newsfeed is amusing and diverse. Trust me, there are plenty of parents on twitter! They're just smarter sounding.
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