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runway one right

We're doing landings these days, which is fun and challenging and of course a mess, I don't think I've done one unassisted yet but tonight was our first night of a full lesson of solid landings so I'll deal.

Runways are named after their direction (0-360 degrees, with 0 being north, 90 east, etc) and if there are two in the same direction, they're just called left and right. Wichita has two runways at 10 degrees (so barely east of north). Runways are always put at tens... you'll never find one at 117°, so we always say tens... if it's going straight west (270), you'd say 27 (two seven). And 10 is just one.

So tonight we were doing all our landings at my happy hometown airport on "runway one right".

Which means I'm cursed because I can't say "runway one right" quickly and elegantly on the radios every time I fly the pattern, request a landing or repeat back a clearance, it's impossible to say once, it comes out sounding like "won way won white" or just a blathering of nondescript syllables. so yeah... that's my hometown airport.

Of course I have other goals for landings... I miss the centerline consistently, can't hold airspeeds, still have that same altitude problem. but if they just would have made the runway at 20° right, you know? throw me a bone?
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