Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

tough day, sad day

This morning I was plugging away at web design when humaazul texted me saying Dr. George Tiller had been killed. It was so shocking. She came over, we talked, hugged some, cried some, posted on twitter and facebook and everywhere and tried to connect with the world. He was shot and killed in the lobby of his church, how horrible is that?

We went and ate lunch together, then I went to ms. A's pool to lay in the sun as planned and try not to think about things, but it was so tough. Dr. Tiller was so brave, someone who really cared about women, so much that he ignored the threats and violence. I'd worked in the office with his PAC staff once upon a time when I was better at volunteer campaigns... they're all brave people. Crazy anti-choicers publish their names and addresses, follow them when they shop, just generally don't let them live their lives in peace. And for what? So a woman can face an impossible situation knowing that all options are available to her. I think it's noble. And Dr. Tiller was willing to pay the ultimate price for that, but he shouldn't have had to.

In the evening we went to a candlelight vigil a few blocks from where we lived. Hundreds of people were there. Some took turns speaking, even though it was hard to hear. Most of us walked around and saw people we knew. There was lots of hugging. I recognized so many faces. When you're on the left side, you know the left side. It was nice to see everyone and reconnect but the circumstances were just so upsetting, it was hard to keep it all in perspective. Everyone talked about how much they appreciated Dr. Tiller... how he was compassionate, strong, funny, appreciative, and dedicated. We lit candles, and were silent for several minutes. The peace advocates, the fabulous NOW members, men, women, kids. It was moving. It was important.

I'm worried now because I'm not sure who will take Dr. Tiller's place. It's a dangerous one. It means speaking out, it means persecution, it means being a target.
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