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Alright, I lied. One more entry before the big trip.

I'm feeling better today. For one thing, Dave has taken on the mission of making sure I'm fed all the time. He took me out to our favorite mexican place last night and it was wonderful! I think the other reason I'm feeling better is that I dropped the goal of strain gaging the moonbuggies this year. We're taking the GPS part of the project with us, but my part will have to go undone. Am I upset? A little. But I knew when I resolved Monday to do the whole thing in three days it would be impossible. I'm close to reading data, yes, but what about soldering the components? Calibration? Installing? There was no way.

Last night before night class I went downstairs to practice riding the moonbuggy. Jerod (one of the designers and guy riding with me) and I are totally getting our leans right, and the design is very stable. I'm optimistic. Pitt State won the race last year, and I think we're better drivers than the two people they had then. We've both got mountain biking experience and can push ourselves hard. It's really fun whipping around on this thing; yesterday was a 100% beautiful day and it was fantastic just speeding up the bumpy trails. Relaxing. Then I ate dinner with Dave and we went to night class where there was a "test" over freehand that took like 45 minutes (this is the class we've spent four hours at before!). I really thought hard about going up to work more on the project... I've got a few lines of code I'd like to add to the PIC software... but I resisted. Because you know what? I missed my first deadline. The next one is Monday the 22nd and I'll be burning to get to that one. I needed a break. Liz Phair can only get me so far before it's really time to quit.

Alabama is going to be beautiful and hot. It's supposed to rain a bit but I think that would just make the race more fun. I was packing my bag last night with sport bras and running shoes... it's been a long time since I packed for atheletic competition and it kinda got me hyped. I'm back! I'm ready! I'm gonna kick somebody's ass!
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