Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

all creatures great and small like to pass out in the sun

Yesterday the man and I went to check out the Sedgwick County Zoo, because it was opening weekend for the new tigers! It's been all the buzz. We were busy last weekend and missed the members-only preview, but figured this is the REAL opening weekend anyway, so yeah.

Anyway, we were up and walking around and having a great time. Everyone else was sleeping. Observe:

Lazy baby goat Lazy camel lazy tiger

Yeah, that last pick is one of the new tigers, obviously excited for his big opening weekend. After that we went home and took our own nap, because hell everyone else was doing it. It was still a beautiful day outside, I'm glad we went out. It's funny though, because last time we went to the zoo it was NOT a nice day out, but I was able to make a fab youtube video of all this exciting activity, remember? It got lots of views. I couldn't have gotten anything for youtube yesterday, all the videos would have looked like stills.
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