Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my happy saturday

I had a most wonderful day today. I've had three beers by the way, don't ask why I'm in here updating the lj. not good, I should be back out at the party. butseriously, it was a day so good that I feel like WWIII is going to break out to balance out my happiness karma. it's a universe thing.

1) I went for a walk in the morning with my twitter friends, it was a photo walk, it was relaxing and beautiful outside and we took photos and enjoyed the weather.

2) At noon I had a flying lesson. We did stalls. Someone told me that if I freaked out at a 30 degree bank, there's no WAY I'd handle power-on stalls, so I was a little apprehensive. But for some reason it was lovely. It was zen. The clouds were puffy, sky was blue, no wind. I couldn't maintain direction or heading during stall but I was calm, and I love feeling the airplane lose its aerodynamic ability to stay in the air and then suddenly regain it. I love the transitions. I can't wait to be back up.

3) I got back from the flight. Marc and I didn't have much going on, so we saw Star Trek again. That last battle scene still just makes me giggle and bounce up and down... you know, where Spock is re-activating the red matter by colliding with the romulan ship? Anyway I love that my husband wants to repeat star trek with me, I love the guy.

4) We came back the apartment. My neighbor was having a cookout outside. I had a steak, and some beer. I ran in to use the restroom, here I am updating the lj, I need to go back out.

I just wanted to update, you know, in case I get struck by lighting.
Tags: flying, parties
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