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Monday I guess I made progress but as of today I still have no readings from my PIC. I just can't manage to get a computer to tell me what's on its ports, serial or parallel. It's really a shame too because I keep consulting online sources telling me it's uber easy to read a parallel port with like four lines of qbasic code, but they just don't work for me, no matter what computer or addressing scheme I try. I can't even get an output from my port. uhg.

I did manage to write a file to sort out and display my data once the strings of bits are written into a text file. That was sorta gratifying. But the bits have to get into the original data file somehow.

Last night I was writing all this semi-pointless code when all the sudden I felt thirsty and tired. It was like 11:00. So I told myself I'd just lay down for a second and have a drink of water... well I woke up two hours later having fallen asleep in my clothes. When was the last time I fell asleep at 11:00? What's wrong? I tried to get up and look at my computer again but it was just so bright, which I don't understand, so I went ahead and went to sleep until 9 this morning. 10 hours of sleep! This is no way to get any work done.

And I know no one wants to know this, but my period started today and for the last four hours or whatever I've been walking around like a total zombie, trying to ignore the cramps and holding onto walls because I black out every 15 minutes. WTF? Yes, this time of the month is usually pretty bad, but I don't see why it has to be extra bad this week because I really have work to do. Mental burn-out is one thing. Physical burn-out is something else entirely, something I shouldn't have yet because it's not like I'm doing hardcore physical labor. I hate not being able to control parts of me. I should probably make some effort to eat more than one real meal a day, I basically live on granola bars until 5 p.m. or so, but I thought they were a good source of energy?

So I am here taking another break and updating the journal. It might be awhile before the next one, I leave for the moonbuggy race tomorrow at 6 a.m. and won't be back until Sunday night. Wish me luck, all!
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