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fourth flying lesson, radios, listening skills

Again with my pattern... every other lesson, I feel like I'm not doomed. This was an even lesson, so it was good. I had a relatively successful takeoff where I felt like I was sort of in control of the airplane. I didn't land by myself but I remained calm. I'm getting better at turns.

I tried more radio communications. It sort of threw me. I've read that a lot of students get nervous about even pressing the transmit button and I don't think I really have that problem, I'm not terribly worried about the words because I've read that they don't matter all that much. It's english. And there's a format... it's like you're leaving a voicemail to a controller somewhere. Dear Wichita: 432TY is at hangar seven, ready to taxi. I mean what's a normal voicemail? "Mom this is spacefem we made it to Washington I'm just saying hi." Except without the extra parts... so really it's my dream communication, get straight to the point, no BS. The other difference is that you use the phonetic alphabet, but I'm all over that after working in aviation for years because where I work people laugh at you if you can't remember N = November and stuff like that.

What I can't do is listen. The trick is that when you say something to a controller, they give you back instructions, and you have to repeat it all back. Example:

Spacefem Wichita Approach, airplane four three two tango yankee 15 miles south at 2000 feet ready for landing.

Tower four three two tango yankee, maintain 2000 feet change heading to 120 for two miles then switch frequencies to 127.025 while switching heading back to 170 and then 030 and then descend to 1500 swing by the mcdonald's on kellogg pick us up a number four and two number sixes each with coke but large size one of the number sixes, then change frequency to 119.500 hold headings 300, 150, and 30 at the same time and watch for American Airlines because we told them to swing by Wendy's and they said no sweat. In fact they can't believe you wouldn't do that too. Now repeat all this back to us.

Spacefem There were fives in there?

So that's my communication skills so far. My husband will probably love reading this because he says I kinda suck at listening. I like to think about things, I don't know, I talk to myself a lot, so sometimes he tells me something and gets no response so he just sort of waves and says Hi and starts over. First he has to wait for whatever conversation I was having with myself to come to a conclusion. Then he has to get my attention. Then he can talk. He naturally talks loud and fast and holds my attention. All this is because I really like talking much better than listening... I didn't think this was going to really hold me back, ever.
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