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the party: pilot stories, guinea pigs and twitter friends

I had a big party last night. I can tell, because my head hurts and my kitchen floor is oddly sticky.

preparations were a little tricky! I felt like taking a little nap around 3, and, well, it got bigger. Woke up at 5 realizing that the apartment was a disaster and nothing was ready. luckily two of my most awesomest friends came over early, they were here by six and helped me throw stuff in closets, wash dishes and start food. People always ask if there are things they can do, and you're not really supposed to tell them to unload the dishwasher, that's not glamorous, but real friends jump into whatever. go them.

The party started getting big around 8. The guinea pigs weren't into it. I mean they were cool for a while, running from the various people trying to pet them, I want them to get used to people and don't feel bad for them being picked up occasionally. But then it got loud, and crowded, and I went to check on them and they were both huddled together in the same little house. They never do that; if one piggie has control of a house he'll defend it at all costs, but I think last night they were like, "Man this is messed up, let's put aside our differences and weather the storm." I covered their cage with some thick blankets to block the noise, and then they were cool at least going out for water.

There were like seven pilots there! We got to talking about flying, and I told them about my feelings of inadequacy. I got so many tips I started writing them on my whiteboard. So this morning, in drunk scrawled-out chicken scratch, the whiteboard says this:
  1. Schedule Robinson
  2. Don't forget to lift flaps after takeoff use flaps on takeoff
  3. Don't let ATC kill you
  4. Aviate, navigate, communicate - always fly the airplane first
  5. Make airplane your bitch

They also said that I was not allowed to feel inadequate yet, I should give it at least ten hours before judging. AND that my life is a little harder right now, because I'm learning at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. It's big and crazy and you have to immediately get the fsck out of the way after takeoff, deal with traffic patterns, all that. It's nice to have long wide runways but the chaos hardly makes it worth it.

Oh, and item 1 refers to an instructor at the party (name change for online obviously) who said he'd fly with me. He's been an instructor for years and has had gobs of students, so that's cool. I think he's the one who wrote the "aviate, navigate, communicate" on there... it's a pilot favorite saying, and something everyone really drills into your head. It's in my head. Right now I don't know how to navigate or communicate so I haven't had conflicting priorities, I can't imagine it's that difficult to remember to fly the airplane.

And finally they all agreed... ignore the syllabus. If it says you're supposed to have takeoffs down by lesson 3, that's crap. It's written for perfect one hour lessons at little airports where you spend no engine time waiting for takeoff or shooting off to a distant practice area. Plenty of people go at 1/2 the rate of the syllabus.

wow enough about flying.

Some of my twitter friends and half-twitter friends (I know them from someplace else, but keep in contact through twitter) were there and ended up staying when everyone else pretty much pussed out. I mean a party shouldn't end at midnight, but things were oddly clearing out, it was strange. Maybe people had too much of a weekend happening, there was a lot going on last night and I know some folks were tired from that. But twitter people make for good conversation, gossip, apples to apples playing and healthy internet nostalgia... @stephbarnard and I totally have geocities memories in common. ah. so 4-5 of us kept it going until past 2.

for my birthday, I got cards, wine, liquor, cookies, a book of bar recipes, and lots of companionship. it was perfect. I'll be 29 Wednesday.
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