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festivity preparation schedule

lots to do today; I'm having some folks over in the evening for a little pre-birthday party so it'll probably be a little crazy. Agenda:

1) Some laundry.

2) Clean upstairs and bathroom.

3) Clean fridge, so there's room for food.

4) Make a list of things needed at the store... mostly food and drink mixers.

5) Recycling center.

6) Store.

7) Maybe goodwill if I'm running ahead of schedule, to see if I can buy some ash trays to keep the smokers outside from putting out cigarettes in my plants. I mean it's true that nothing is growing in the plants, but that's just because I suck at gardening... either way cigarettes can't help, that's like officially losing all hope.

8) Clean downstairs and kitchen.

9) Clean guinea pig cage. Petsmart had multi-colored carefresh bedding on sale this week which cracked me up, the piggie cage will be in "party" mode. wooo! Not sure what to do with the little guys if the party gets big though honestly, they're probably not fans of loud music and I don't want them accosted by drunks. Plus, pinky still thinks that if there's noise in the kitchen, he deserves a lettuce snack. I mean what else would humans be doing in the kitchen? Nothing worthwhile. He squeaks to remind me. And I mean he's serious... gets up on top of his little house so his voice carries and lets me have it, I see his whole body contract and his ears moving back and forth with effort until the WHEEK WHEEK WHEEK hits jet-engine decibel level.

10) Take a shower. Cook.

I have co-hosts helping with food. Two girlfriends who have my same birthday on the 20th, one with a May 17th birthday.

Here's a party issue... I hate disposable things. Paper plates, plastic cups, all that... I'm against it. But cups are a problem! At my last party, people were weird about taking a glass, it's like a commitment, plus one of my friends said they were afraid they'd break it (like I care? it's dishes, I'm not getting out grandma's china for these things). Some neighbor grabbed some plastic cups and brought them over and suddenly everyone starts enjoying drinks. Part of the issue is that I have lots of transients at my party... living downtown, people just stop by which is lovely, and they're really the ones who won't commit to a glass.

This time I bought some stadium cups at dollar general, 4 for $1. I can still wash them and reuse them but maybe they don't feel so formal? they're all white. I'm going to have sharpies out and encourage people to write something distinguishing on them... if it's a name, you must come to my next party.

Anyway I'm honestly bothered by parties where we have to take the trash out every hour on the hour, it makes me sad. Most people are recycling aluminum cans now but that's about it.
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