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there's no crying on final approach

third lesson and I'm still scared shitless of this whole airplane thing. that's really what I forgot to ask my instructor at the end, when he asked if I had any questions, "Am I normal? Is everyone else more relaxed?" I mean sometimes he gives me permission to be nervous, like on the radios, my voice was awfully shaky when I made initial contact with departure and he said everybody gets nervous so it's cool. But when I think of radios, it doesn't scare me that much. And when I got done talking, I don't have residual shakiness. Flying is just terrifying though.

I thought the air was a little bumpy tonight. It's been warm and stormy and even though the clouds were at 6,000 feet and the radar was clear, everything just felt weird. and there was sort of this rough landing going on that really scared me, because we were just drifting off and everything in my brain wanted to be somewhere else, or at least throw my hands up and let the instructor totally take over. but I'm supposed to be flying the airplane. he mentioned the glideslope, which I'd forgotten to look at, I'll think about that next time.

I get the feeling I'm supposed to really have takeoff memorized now. It's not that hard, there's not that much to do. Full power, watch airspeed, there's a speed to pull up and a speed to raise flaps. Maybe just now typing this is the first time I've thought of it in three steps, and that's why it's been confusing. Maybe I should spend more time writing down steps. so far, learning to fly has been like learning anything, but like the teacher is drawing figures on the sides of semi-trucks flying down the highway past me at 80mph. And I don't think it's my instructor... the syllabus has this stuff on it, it's designed by very smart people. By lesson three I should have takeoffs down. But then again, I felt lost and confused all through grad school, but pulled it off with a great GPA. I am smarter than the average person. If the average person can be a pilot, I should be able to figure this out.
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