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plane dreams

I had a dream about the airplane last night. I was left seat, a flight instructor was next to me, my sister was in the back, we were taxiing. The flight instructor was some young guy who might kinda remind me of my actual flight instructor but it wasn't him. Anyway I got lost, I was going in between buildings, like some industrial park and clipped the side of a stack of pallets with the wing and snapped a control cable (mechanically unfeasible but let's move on). It was getting dark and scary. The instructor said he could replace the cable right there, and my sister and I should head back, so we left him, and I felt really bad about it and later headed back to find him and the plane, but couldn't get back to where we were.

What irks me about the dream is that I only got to taxi. I mean come on, people without planes fly in their dreams. My husband has actually said that he can fly in every single dream he has, it takes some effort that he can't totally describe, some concentration or clenching or something, but he can fly. I think I've had one flying dream ever. And this wasn't it! It was a standard bad dream about me fscking up and looking stupid.

dream dictionary says that if you dream about your sister, it symbolizes something you care about and want to protect. Abandoning someone in a dream means you're feeling overwhelmed. An accident means you're afraid of accidents. duh. then there's "airplane", which means all these optimistic things, which I'm disregarding because my relationship with "airplane" is obviously totally weird right now.
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