Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

budgeting goals

Looking over my bills today, I noticed that I spent over $400 last month on bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. I'm wondering if there's an opportunity there.

Of course it'd be easy to look at the whole thing and say it's wasteful and I need to stop eating out but people please I've been stressed lately. And besides, it's only money, you can't take it with you. I've never been one of those advocates of "save everything you possibly can and be miserable"... remember Hello, Dolly? Money is like manure, no good unless you spread it around? I've been relatively careful in the past year, I already have an "oh shit I might get laid off" savings account that I feel good about.

Anyway. I don't always spend much when I go out, in fact the grand total is the sum of 12 items on my glorious credit card statement... several right around $20 (like $5 pitcher night at heroes, come on). Maybe my goal should be "keep it under $30"? Or reduce the number of times I go out... set a goal?

I spent like $70 at petsmart... mostly food, but some of that's toys. that's an expense that'll go down a little in the next few weeks, now that I know my guinea pigs like cardboard boxes more than any toy we could possibly buy them.

I bought stock in petsmart by the way. PETM. It's a good looking P/E ratio, really, I didn't JUST buy it because it makes me a happy guinea pig owner.
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