Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

silly piggies

I know, I posted this video EVERYWHERE... except here! It's just so darn cute. marc actually shot it, but I'm the one with a youtube account, so...

Do I feel bad, embarrassing little pinky on the internet? a little. but egads the little thing expects everything from me, a month ago we couldn't get him to eat anything but hay, now he EXPECTS lettuce or some kind of treat the second we let him out of the cage. he squeaks at us. if he hears a bag, he squeaks. if I get home from work, he squeaks. if it's morning, he squeaks. if he feels like squeaking, he squeaks. we're practically slaves. they're both so damn cute though.

so anyway we set up this nice ramp so they could get in and out of the cage, and now pinky thinks he can just jump over the whole thing, and usually he can! unless he totally can't. eh, little guy shook it off and is fine.
Tags: guinea pigs
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