Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

big screen

last week, after staring at a computer screen for my normal infinity hours, trying to fly an airplane while looking away from the huge glass displays, taking digital pictures, etc... we went to a Royals game. Kauffman stadium has the largest HDTV display in the world. 100 feet high, 85 feet wide, 1800 full-color lines of image.

Why watch the game?

I've been feeling conflicted about looking at the world through glass lately. I've always had my rant about digital cameras going. Every year I spend more and more hours of my life with a screen in front of me. It's a little scary. I have to say that the baseball game felt oddly saturated. Maybe part of it was the gray drizzly day we had going on; it wouldn't have been a nice relaxing day outside no matter what the ads were playing on. And it was windy as hell. But the steady drone of the HDTV cooling fans weren't helping with the experience.

I know that computer time is totally something I do to myself, don't get me wrong. I choose to come home from work (where I look at computers) and sit at home looking at a different computer. There are good things about it. I guess that's why I go camping in the summer though, I really do try to pull away.
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