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weekly guinea pig update

And now, you get to read about Pinky & the Brain because I love them.

This week:
Pinky has learned to climb on top of the pigloo. This makes him so happy he has to jump up and down... piggies do this a lot, it's called popcorning because you look over and there are little furballs flying in the air. Anyway lots of things cause this... winning a fight, getting treats, getting back into the cage after "run around outside" time. Morning. Someone new getting home. You get the picture. Anyway "pigloo domination" also causes the jumping but not in a stable way. So we've seen pinky fall a lot this week, and heard lots of little clunks at random times, which we just ignore so far because he seems to shake it off.

Only one thing stops all celebrations... and that's if I reach for the camera to try and video some of this. It's uncanny.

They like carrots now. Last week was only lettuce. I've noticed that if we introduce seven new foods to them, they'll like one. And there's no in-between on the "do they like it?" scale. Guinea pigs either sniff food and turn away immediately, or snarf it down like piggie crack... and I have no idea what makes the transition happen. One week they hate carrots, now they'll do anything for them. Lately I let them out of their cage and sit in the middle of a blocked-off area with them so they do laps around me, and climb all over sniffing to see if I've got treats.

They also like the stems of parsley now... but not the actual parsley leaves. go figure.

They've finally figured out ramps which is good because it makes cage time easier... we don't have to grab them to throw them back in the cage, we just put the door down, lay a towel on the door, and eventually they both find their way home. Brain caught on pretty early, pinky took FOREVER so apparently we named them correctly. I'd pick pinky up and set him right on the ramp, he was still clueless.

Pinky bit marc on the arm this week, left visible signs and everything. I have yet to be bitten. Marc says they like me more than him, they get excited when I get home and all that. I don't think they're smart enough to tell people apart, or tell people period, but who knows.
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