Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my unchanging backgrounds

Last week as a joke marc took a picture with my phone and set it as the background, which threw me because the background on my phone has been a pitt state gorilla for like a year and a half. he changes his phone background all the time. I never do. Anyway this inspired me to take a picture of the guinea pigs on my phone, and use that as the background, and it makes me very happy. but the change is shocking! on my previous phone, I had a picture of my parakeet aggy. Aggy died, but the picture stayed on the phone until I got a new one. I just don't change these things.

On my computers, this is the background:

It's been that way since I paid a random designer $5 to make me a glassy-looking purple planet... four years ago, or so?

I have the same facebook profile pic that I set when I joined facebook.

I have the same twitter profile pic that I set when I joined twitter.

I have the same myspace profile pic that I set when I joined myspace (but this isn't saying much, because I don't think I've logged into myspace since I joined myspace, someone else took the name spacefem and I figured the site was a lost cause).

I have redesigned several times... about every 2-3 years, I like to overhaul. But that's mostly just to keep up with web trends and clean navigation based on the new site content. My regular visitors always HATE it when I redesign the site... and for that matter, we have a strong trend against changing user avatars because all you really recognize is an avatar. Maybe the spacefemmites rubbed off on me and that's why I can't change any other pictures, anywhere?

Anyway the facebook thing definitely makes me a freak because people there change pictures ALL THE TIME. I refuse to give in.
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