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10 reasons I'm going to take flying lessons now

People, I know I've been talking about flying forever and have not followed through. But it could happen this year. Like, really... as of this week I have an instructor lined up, passed an FAA medical and have put in the initial paperwork at a part 141 school. I know what you're thinking... it's true that this year I've been worried about my job, worried about money, worried about time, worried about FREAKING KANSAS WEATHER (but that doesn't change). But the more I thought about it all those worries are sort of pushing me towards flying. Why is this the right time?

10. I'm done with grad school.

9. I love airplanes. I've been staring at them since I was a baby. When work stresses me out and I feel insane, I walk down to the hangar and touch the airplanes. It's common where I work, we call it "airplane therapy".

8. They say if you learn in Kansas, you'll be able to fly in any kind of wind you'll ever encounter anywhere.

7. I'm a freaking avionics engineer. It won't be a struggle to figure out that new-fangled G1000 glass cockpit; I've been turning knobs on the test benches for years.

6. There's very little competition for airplane time these days, we're not hiring like we were last year so there's not the annual influx of new grads taking up all the instructors!

5. I work for a company that gets me a discount on the lessons and flight time. It's certainly not free, but it's certainly less than others pay.

4. I used to tell my mother I'd never get married and she'd sort of freak out. Then I got married. I need another way to freak her out.

3. What's the difference between 6-8 months of emergency savings and 12, anyway? If I'm out of a job and can't find one after 8 months, I hope to have another plan besides "Oh, good thing I have another couple months of savings I can watch dwindle to nothing." If it takes eight months, I'm moving back in with mom and dad. Or a cardboard box. Who cares.

2. If the aviation market picks back up again, having a pilot license under my belt will help my career.

1. If the market doesn't pick up, I do not want to be the girl who worked in general aviation for seven years and never took a single flying lesson. If aviation is going to tank, I want to say I got the best from it.

The only thing holding me back is bad memories of driver's ed. I've decided not to let that stop me.

oh, another "pro" that didn't fit into my top 10! only about 6% of pilots are women, I've got that little "add to it" motivation. But ten is a round number, so check back with me in a few weeks and see if gender sneaks onto the list somehow.

oh, and I want to be able to throw down my license when arguing with pilots at work.

oh, and it'll give me something else cool to blog about.

yeah I'm doing it.
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