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technical people read this

I'm going to lose friends if I keep updating this much. Sorry! But I promise I'll curb it after this one... it's just that I had a brainstorm. See, the biggest think keeping me awake at night about my project is now the software end of things... I'm not a coder and am not familiar with what's out there and might die. But I've got a friends list full of coders and geeks! So maybe someone here can help? Here's the scenario:

Bits are streaming in through a pin on the serial or parallel port or something (baud rate = 2400) (can you stream bits through a pin on the parallel port? I don't even know... that'd work best though)

I need to read those bits.

When the bits fit the pattern '11110000' three times in a row, the next eight bits read will be a temperature reading.

When the bits fit the pattern '01000111' three times in a row, the next eight bits read will be a strain gage (actually there are four gages, each with a unique signature, but that's beside the point)

The data must be read, recorded, and displayed. Since Jaimee's labtop runs windows, that's the OS we're using.

We were going to use LabView but it's all gone downhill, so now I think I might just sit next to an oscilloscope with a pencil. Seriously.

I would give my right arm for a good solution to this problem. I'd love if someone would do it for me, I'd love it even more if someone would show me how to do it myself or at least point me in the direction. I don't have any money, but what I do have I'll give you (uh, like $25 in my paypal account maybe?) Just tell me what language to learn or what software to download or what genius to whore myself to and I'll be there.
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