Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

guinea pigs youtube debut

I got some video of the piggies:

They seem to be doing pretty well, they kinda eat lettuce now which is a big step. It's sad because everybody in guinea_pigs talks about their pets LOVING all sorts of foods, and ours just like hay and pellets. we've left cucumbers, oranges, carrots, all sorts of stuff in there and it barely gets sniffed.

Brain will eat anything on the floor that is not for eating, though. I can't understand that. We let them out to run around and he gravitates towards whatever tiny bit of trash the vacuum forgot, and before I can run over there he's consumed it. Damn piggie.

I haven't decided if they're smart or not. When they're out for floor time, the spend a lot of time chewing on the outside of their cage trying to get back in. So we made a towel-ramp for them to walk up and into the door... this is beyond them. Brain can kinda figure it out because he sees the door and jumps into it from the side of the ramp, which is NOT smooth-looking, watching him try to haul his back-end up right where the corner of the ramp meets the door. he doesn't get that he can start where the ramp meets the floor and the whole process is much easier. Pinky can't even figure it out if we put him right on the ramp.

Brain has figured out how to dominate the purple pigloo we put in there though... he chases pinky out on a regular basis, then puts his nose in the door and pushes it around until the door is blocked by the cage wall or another toy. when he wants out, he moves the door back around. so when it comes to screwing with one another, they've got that down.
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