Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

habitat & bowlling

yesterday it was 80, today it's snowing... wtf?

it WAS however a beautiful day to be outside working on a house, which is what I did. my company's women's group claimed a day for habitat for humanity. I just had an afternoon shift. I got stuck painting which was unfortunate because it's like the hamster wheel of habitat volunteer jobs... they get 20 people brush-painting the outside of an entire house and that way there are 20 people around in case they need something real and involved, but we're kept busy the whole time. The interesting jobs that involved measuring things and using a table saw were quickly snatched up by people who looked like they knew what they were doing. maybe next time, for me. I'd definitely volunteer again; it was good exercise.

I went out for a beer with some of the girls, then in the evening we went bowling with wichita twitter people. I suck at bowling but nobody noticed. I got to meet some new faces.

And that was it! Friday I was out until 3 drinking and partying and having neighbors over, saturday I crashed out by 10 and didn't hear any bit of the normal downtown partying outside my window, even though I'm sure old town was nuts on a nice evening. The temperature was dropping that doesn't stop people. Whatever though, I was oblivious to it, I guess painting takes it out of you after all.
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