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how I got ubuntu + tweetdeck to work

Yes, I've been running Linux for about 10 YEARS now and there's still... hiccups. Not Linux's fault, it's mostly that linux is the very last operating system developers think about when they're writing an app, I think. Anyway tonight I got tweetdeck running and it was such a struggle I have to write down what I did here so I don't forget it. Plus it may help some other lost traveler on this road known as the internet.

1) Get the adobe air binary file from

2) Bad: Open a terminal and type "sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin", only to see nothing happen. Switch to root user, and get error: (mozilla-bin:22306): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: 0.0

3) Good: Follow the tip from Nikos_M at to login using sux, not su, when running the binary. In case his comment gets eaten, instructions are to type "sudo apt-get install sux", then type "sux" (instead of "su"), then root pw, then move the bin to the home directory, THEN "sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin".

4) Bad: Double-click the tweetdeck air file (from and then I saw a blank window where the buttons acted like buttons, but nothing happened, I wasn't prompted for a twitter password.

5) Good: This was solved from here: ( exit tweetdeck, press alt+F2, type "kwallet", restart tweetdeck.

And now it's going! Wow, all that effort for microblogging.
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