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guinea pig update

so last week we got some guinea pigs, no check that MARC got some guinea pigs, and I was a bit skeptical at first but things are looking up. They're fun, and adorable, to have around. They jump up and down randomly and make cute noises. When we first got them they seemed to hate all people but things have changed a lot in the past week. We read some online thing about making piggies more social... play with them every day, give them some time to hide in things and some time to run around outside. They still don't like being picked up but we can pet them now which is a BIG deal.

Since they're lab-mouse white we named the little one Pinky, and the big one The Brain.

Little pinky was the especially skittish one, but we've found out that if we pet The Brain, Pinky gets jealous and comes over to see what's up. Then you pet his little head and he holds still and closes his eyes and he's all happy. Earlier this week Marc was trying to pet him and he kept running away. Marc kept bugging him and finally Pinky just turns, stares marc RIGHT in the eyes and makes this low kinda growly noise. Seriously trying to be, like, the alpha piggy or something. Sometimes brain does that to us too, but he shifts his weight between his hind legs so his butt kinda sways back and forth like he's going to charge. it's absolutely adorable. guinea pigs just don't do "mad" very well.

we got a brush for The Brain to help with his shedding but haven't attempted that challenge yet. We can hold him, but he's not really happy, he'd rather be petted on the ground where he can make a run for it whenever. He almost sort of bit marc the other day... didn't break the skin, just sort of put teeth on him so we'd know the situation.

They really like eating hay. That's about all they like eating... they're supposed to be into all these other sorts of foods but they'll only eat lettuce if there's NOTHING else there.

a few more pics...

They do not seem to like getting their picture taken, but we'll work on that. We used to have them by the window where there was lots of light, but moved them because it was a little drafty there this week with the cold spell.
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