Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

zoo day in the snowstorm! (w/video)

Last weekend we had some family in town, and "visit the zoo" had been part of the informal plans. It didn't happen. Marc was a little bummed, so I told him I'd renew my season pass and we'd go this weekend.

Monday I got the pass. Friday it started snowing. When we woke up this morning it was STILL snowing, on top of the 7" or so we'd gotten the previous day. The roads were messy and thousands of people are still without power but we decided a little weather wasn't going to mess up our plans, we were going to the zoo.

Let me say that Wichita has an amazing zoo, and I've always loved going. I've frequently had a season pass. And I've been in the winter a lot; not all the animals are out, but you really appreciate the rainforest and it's a great way to beat the crowds. And beat the crowds we did! When we chisled our way to the car and slid to the zoo, we found it OPEN, and were told that we were the only two visitors so far today. Score! And so I made a video:

Honestly there weren't tons of animals outside... our penguins are south america natives so they've got no love for this, the bears probably went back to sleep, we had no urge to trek out to the gorilla house. But I'll go to the zoo whenever, just to see tortoises and giant plecostomus. And if I get to pet a goat while I'm there rock on. We wanted to feed the goats too, but the coin machines were frozen and blocked up with ice.

Later in the day it got warmer, things started melting, the sun came out, we left the zoo and went to grab some food. We also hit up the allstar sports and played some skiball, while we were out. I'm pretty awesome at that.

I was telling marc... something in me really likes being out in the world during snowstorms. I'm totally impressed with civilization, I love the contrast between everything being covered in snow, and everything being available. The idea that we can go buy fruits and veggies, grab a beer, visit the zoo. It's all amazing to me.
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