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I've actually gone jogging three times this week. shocking, yes! my exercise habits have gone to total crap in the last few years. Grad school started ruining me, getting friends and partying was the final straw. Remember when I first moved down here and was running 10Ks? I loved that, I felt great that year. I love running in general... it's time to think, it's time to be outside. The only thing I do NOT love about running is the fact that you really have to keep up with it. If you work up to five miles, then go on a weekend trip and take three days off, you find out on your next run that your body has forgotten that it's up to five miles. You're doomed.

I used to go on long runs, along the bike path by the river for 80 minutes at a time. It was really nice.

I absolutely hate treadmills. To me, a treadmill is like taking an iron tablet instead of eating a steak. Not as natural, not as spiritual, still gets you some physical benefits but without any improvement to your mental health.

So anyway as some sort of upsetting punishment we got snowpacalypse this week and I won't be running much. Good thing I was out Thursday. I jogged out about 3/4 mi, then walk/jogged back. Since it was the third time it didn't make me sore the next day. I actually ran into three separate people I knew, including wwconando who I haven't seen in years. At the end humaazul was outside cleaning her car so we stopped and chatted a bit.

I really want to keep up with this. At work there's this running group called 5@5 that's gotten together for YEARS one night a week to run five miles. You start at 5:00 the first time you do it. If you run in less than an hour, you start later the next week... start time is always based on your personal best which they keep track of, always set up so you'd end your run at 6 if you tie your best time. So at the end of the run when you're tired and getting close to that 5mi line, someone's always crossing it about the same time as you and you're racing. It's an absolute blast! But it means I have to get up to five miles... five kinda good miles! They e-mail the results out every Tuesday (points are awarded based on who crosses the finish line first) so it's a weekly motivation and reminder of how much fun I could be having if I stay off the couch, delay my nightclub entrance for a little while and get physical.

Also, is amazing. A great website, a great group of people. And I live within walking (therefore running!) distance to the First Gear store where I got my last pair of shoes... running stores are so neat, everyone's passionate and great at fitting your foot weirdness and maybe if I do get good enough for a race I'll reward myself with some clothes. I can't run in cute clothes because then people see that I'm female and yell obscene things at me when I'm alongside the streets, so I wear baggy stuff and cover my hair to try and look like a dude. But in races, you can wear anything because everybody's around you, it's safe, it's a family.
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