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A big welcome goes out to crisco747, who just got livejournal'ed yesterday. Watch out crisco, it's addicting. Anyway, he's famous on for doing the construction on the useless blobs, which I sometimes think might not have been a good idea. But I digress. He's making more soon, so I won't just have different colors of the same thing, don't you love it? I'll get his e-mail in case you all want to paypal him.

In other news, the moonbuggy pre-race trial is today! I just got finished with our run a few minutes ago. Earlier in the year a guy I interned with at the engineering firm came up and asked if I'd ride his buggy (heh) and I said sure because they have to be operated by one man and one woman and it's hard for them to find women (riders are also supposed to be tech majors, preferable mechanicals but in this case they had to go outside a little bit). It's been raining all day, I'm a muddy mess, and the course was totally soaked. We got stuck like three times. But we finished in under 11 minutes, meaning we're leading the way for our school so far and will pretty definately get to go to the big race in Alabama. It's quite a rush, way fun, you basically pedal this thing as hard as you can and it kicks your ass but you feel great.

My lab partner was supposed to be here with the half of our project (GPS) that's done, but she wasn't. I'm gonna kill her. I'd heard senior design partners are like roommates, even if you have a good one it's impossible to get along all the time. I'm just so mad that she said labview was incredible and could do everything and now it can't even de-multiplex the signal.

And my project is due in two weeks.
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