Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the piggies!

marc got us guinea pigs!

seriously. i'm not even sure we can have them, I'd always worried about allergies, but so far things aren't too bad. he got them from the humane society... poor little homeless guys.

he posted about it, and added pictures, on the forum:

that's right, the spacefemmites knew about this whole thing before I did.

anyway pluses:
- they're cute
- they make cute noises
- marc absolutely lights up when they do anything

- they shed. yes, we got crazy shedding piggies of doom.

we're not naming them for a week, so I can make sure they don't destroy my health, right now we just call them "the boys" or gp1/gp2. I hope we can keep them though, we've been obsessed with the piggies since forever, we love them.
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