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crown uptown

Last night we went to the crown uptown dinner theater with my parents, it was a good time. We got this random idea yesterday, called up and were able to get a reservation for four pretty easily which was almost a warning sign, but whatever.

Good things: it's cheap! For under $35, you get a buffet dinner and a show. Bottles of wine are $15, desert is $3.50. The food was pretty tasty... we had salad, meatloaf, ham. The mash potatoes tasted like Box Of Potatoes but whatever, they did a great job on the meatloaf. As for the show, the performers were excellent, great dancing and some very good singing voices. We saw 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and it's a corny plot but whatever, you're there for fun.

Bad things: the sound is pretty terrible, it was a good thing the show was simple because I couldn't make out any of the dialog. And good thing there were a lot of dance numbers, because that's about the only time I wasn't staring at the show with a confused look on my face. Our seats were about halfway towards the back of the theater... I'm thinking maybe if you're up front, it's better? So we might try that if they put on another show that interests us. It almost sounded like they had monitor speakers up front and nothing else.

Overall I'll try it again. I still say I like the shows better at Cabaret Oldtown because it's more our pace, they're raunchier. It's not as big though, and it's not dinner theater, but there are still tables and you order drinks and all that.

Wichita is not bad for theater. I realize I'm not the greatest judge ever... I did my high school musicals and then became an engineering major. But I've seen shows in Vegas and I've seen the national touring acts when they come through places, where you pay $150 a ticket or something to sit 80 feet away. But here we've got Wichita State which has a HUGE music and theater program, and the town itself has a lot of civic pride so we appreciate our local performers. The Music Theatre of Wichita shows are absolutely amazing, they play at the huge theater in Century II and pack the house.

So in conclusion, if you come to Wichita, see a show. The rest of the nation may think we're hicks but we clean up pretty well.
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