Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

tweetup adventures

last night I stumbled onto a tweetup (meetup of twitter people) out at oeno. my relationship with twitter has evolved a lot in the past few months, I bet I've been on the site for a year but for half that time I was using it only to tell my parents I'd landed safely at airports. Recently I've learned that Wichita has a unique twitter scene (as confirmed by twitchiker, who's been everywhere but had great things to say about us). I think what did it for us:
1) A few very enthusiastic twitter proponents like wichitacindy who help and encourage the uninitiated.
2) Wichita is just that sort of town. My dad called it "a small town with 500,000 people" and I didn't know what that meant before I lived here... but the gist is that if you go out anywhere you will find people you know. When Gabriel Iglesias came to down I basically did laps around the cotillion catching up with everyone. It's weirdly easy to feel like you know everybody here.

In fact what changed my twitter habits was a party I went to at my neighbor lynette's, where she explained to me, "oh this is also a tweetup" and I hadn't the foggiest idea what she was talking about. I told the people there who I was on twitter, they laughed at me for having seven followers, I talked to them about different ways to use the site, things spiraled from there.

Anyway so last night... I recognized jason dilts (who I've known for years, outside twitter) out at this wine bar, came up and said hi and he was at a big table of twitter people! many of whom were already following me, we'd just never really connected.

It made me think of magalogs. What I mean is, when I was 13 or 14 the magalogs started coming in the mail... delia's, alloy, you know. I loved the delia's catalog, the colors, the decorating, the idea of looking stylish and edgy for cheap. Then years later delia's built a store in the mall where I lived, I was shocked, I walked in and everything was the same... the colors, the feeling, they did a great job of it. It was like being in a delia's catalog.

So I'm talking to twitter people and what comes up? Current events, new websites we're on, I got to talk about my own website and felt fine about it. It was like being in twitter. All these conversations going on and you could jump in on any one, and there was almost always a website referenced where you could learn more.

It was fabulous though and you've got to know that I love being around people who are cool talking about the internet, I think about the internet way more than I get to talk about it because I'm more addicted than the average person, I think. There are now whole communities of people who encourage this! We can sit at home contently feeding the machines, or go out and talk about the machines, we're pretty comfortable.
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