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hippo party rundown

last night we had a hungry hungry hippos world tournament party... it was awesome. yes, hungry hippos. i thought it'd be a good loud party game everybody can play with games that last 60 seconds and I was correct, plus it was just silly enough to be fun, and you can play it drunk which is important.

we started off with pool play, we gave everyone a sheet of paper with a grid on it and told them they had to play every color at every table, which got people running around moving between games. we had three tables set up. hippo games are like $15 and we already had one so this wasn't an expensive investment or anything.

there were some freaks who had to be dragged into pool play, I don't get it. but I noticed that when I told people "you must play one game", they somehow ended up playing all 12. it's a sign that we did something right.

after pool play i went upstairs and used the table scoresheets to average everybody's score, which was a mistake because it took forever, I should have made everybody just add up their own gridsheets. next year. then we took the top 16 into the tournament. this part was tricky because there were 18 there, but about five people wanted to leave because it was 11:00 or so and past their bedtime or whatever. It's weird how my friends groups work these days. All my parties end up divided into very clear and distinct groups. there people who want to hang out from 7-10, have a burger and talk to people they already know. then there are the people who show up at 10, ate out and don't want to talk to anyone they already know. so it's complicated dealing with the shift. anyway by tournament time we had a whole new group of folks in who probably would have liked a whole new round of pool play, so we'll figure that out next year.

so tournament... we had four groups of four, with one top seed in each group, and one random new person who hadn't even really qualified in each group. each group played three games, rotating hippo colors in between, and at the end we added up marbles and took the top two to the next round. it was madness. we got some video... but it was serious, everyone was watching, it was very tense.

both marc and I made the finals! plus a guy from work, plus one of my neighbors who walked in at 11 and just happened to rock hippos all through the tournament. the final was played in four games so everyone had every color. MARC WON. so of course everyone thought the whole thing was rigged, the homeowner taking the whole thing? I got third. We gave hippo boards away to the second and fourth place winners (because what are we going to do with three hippo games?)

there was lots of drinking, lots of shouting, loud music, all in all a great party. lots of us hung out and ended up playing some card games until 1 or so, at which point I crashed. i'd had two cups of marc's super-caffeine tea and it didn't matter.

anyway today we've got party aftermath. the kitchen's a mess, there are jello shots stuck to the table. and then another party... fire_hazzard is getting married today! should be a great wedding, I can't wait.
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