Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my page rank adventures

I installed google analytics on and it's all crazy! first, it told me that 2/3 of the people who visit my main page apparently just stare at it and go someplace else. it's called "bounce rate". I feel very sad about this. I think my main page is lovely... maybe a little busy, sure, but there's a fun poll you can take, articles to read, things to click on, isn't that nice?

I think a bad thing is that I ask for advice and reviews on my website all the time, but when I think about it, I don't really ask normal people, right? I asked my pals at V7 because they give lots of reviews, I ask you all... but none of you are really normal people. V7's the worst, they're SEO nerds. They look at the entire internet in unnatural ways. I read a great article about twitter and how a lot of it is just social media "experts" talking to themselves, thinking their followers are their target audience. We get caught in these little communities of insanity.

Website hits have gotten to be like my lawn or something, I tweak every little thing, I love statistics. Even when I make intranet aps at work I make sure there's a hit counter there, and we don't even have a real search engine, people just bookmark and e-mail like the good old days. At some point, you can obsess too much and then you can't relate to normal people. I'm well aware.

There are some normal things about me. My real name is normal, you google me and there are no abnormal amounts of web activity going on. I refuse to use facebook as a social media promotion tool, I don't think it's well-suited for that, I don't care if there are millions of users they're not there for our promotions.

One interesting thing in the world today is that more and more, conversations come up about how to get a word out on the internet, and I always have a lot of insight. And people ask how I know this stuff, and I don't tell them I've been running, I just act like I'm casually, accidentally interested. I think the average person can benefit from knowing these things... and find the topics really interesting. and more and more I find evidence supporting this. pretty soon we'll all be unable to relate.
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