Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Americans deserve jobs more than jobs deserve intelligence?

from the "scary economy leads to stupid decisions" file... feds are pressuring companies to stop hiring high-tech workers from other countries and even send some existing ones home. those damn immigrants again, right? they took our jobs, yeah, i know.

Unfortunately every time we ship some really smart gal back to India, only because she's from India, that's one less smart gal working to make America a tech superpower. We're already losing ground on the science/technology front... cranking out significantly fewer engineers and computer programmers than China and other asian countries. Letting high-skilled workers get jobs here was a good way to keep ahead, share our history and spirit of creative entrepreneurship, make the world a better place.

Never mind the fact that those workers were here, making homes, having families, renting property, buying clothes, all the other stuff that keeps the economy going. If all you care about is the money cycle, they were still in it, just like every American-born citizen. Maybe shipping a few dollars home now and then, but if those dollars buy American software and technology it comes right back to us.

from the article:
[research found that] immigrants were the chief executives or chief technologists at one of every four technology and engineering companies started in America from 1995 to 2005, and 52 percent of Silicon Valley start-ups. These immigrant-founded companies employed 450,000 workers in 2006.

American software and technology might not be the envy of the world if the smartest people no longer work here, or care too, because they're politically attacked every time they turn around. Those people were helping us. Let's take caution in pointing fingers and saying they don't deserve to be here, just because of where they were born.
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